When there are tons of options in front you, it is easy to be overwhelmed. In Malaysia, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of venue options for you to host your wedding ceremony. To make your job easier, I have prepared only the best for you to choose. Without further ado, following are the top 12 Chinese wedding venues in Malaysia you must check out!


1.     Palace of the Golden Horses


When it comes to organizing the grand wedding for your family and friends, this number one list – Palace of the Golden Horses – is the venue that you should not ignore!

The single best strength of this place has got to be its exquisite Moorish architecture of the building. By having your wedding reception here, your guests will feel like they are walking back in time and attending a classic, fairytale wedding.

The hotel provides a complete Chinese wedding package with a price that starts from RM1,588. Quite affordable for such five-star hotel, don’t you think?

If you are thinking of having the event indoor, you can reserve the convention center situated right in the hotel, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Conference Centre. It offers state-of-the-art facilities for your convenience!


2.     Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel in KL is one of the top hotels in Malaysia that is very well-known for hosting grand and memorable Chinese wedding for many brides and grooms.

If you are to search the hotel online and look for the reviews, many of the previous clients and guests have complimented the grandness of the ballroom (trust me, I’ve done that on your behalf!).

Whatever theme that you have in mind, you can present it to their event planning team, and they will deliver.

So, be it a modern or classic Chinese wedding or a reception ala Hollywood, they will live up to it!

For the location, you can choose either to have it in the Grand Ballroom (you can fit 2,000 guests!), banquet hall, by the pool or in one of its restaurants for an intimate and private reception dinner.


3.     Imbi Palace Restaurant


Are you looking for a venue in Bukit Bintang? If yes, then Imbi Palace Restaurant, also known as The Grand Palace Restaurant, is the place for you to check out!

So, what’s so great about this restaurant? You must be wondering why on earth would I recommend a restaurant as a place to hold a grand Chinese wedding venue.

Well, this is not an average Chinese restaurant. Mr. Chin Hon Yi, the founder who is also a well-known chef hailed from Hong Kong, is also the one behind Singapore’s Sheraton Tower that has received the Best Chinese Cuisine.

If you pick this restaurant for your wedding dinner or small party, we bet your guests will go home sated and very much satisfied. The banquet hall can serve up to 50 tables at one time.

Since it has become one of the go-to places for Chinese weddings, the restaurant has prepared several Chinese wedding packages for you to choose, which will make your job of catering planning way easier!


4.     Dynasty Dragon

Here is the next top Chinese wedding venue that I think is worthy of your consideration. The cool thing about choosing Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant is that you can reserve one of the many branches.

Meaning, you will not be restricted to a single location. You can select the branch that is near to your place or any other places that you feel convenient.

Balakong, Damansara, Kepong, Ampang, Subang, Puchong, and Klang – those are available for you to choose!

Secondly, you can rely on this well-known restaurant in Selangor to provide excellent Chinese menu for your wedding reception.

Kerabu abalone, braised goose feet, and dim sum are their specialties!


5.     Hee Lai Ton Restaurant


Hee Lai Ton Restaurant is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley that you should consider. Their dim sum has become the talk of the town so you can ride on the popularity and enjoy a memorable reception here!

There a couple of branches for you to select – PJ, Serdang, Puchong and Pudu – but in this article, I propose for you to consider the Pudu branch.

Located inside the Shaw Parade Mall (read: ample of parking space for your guests!), the restaurant looks like an impressive grand hall, thanks to its impressive chandelier, comfortable dining table, and well-decorated interior.

You can reserve the restaurant, pre-assign your guests to the table, and book many delicious menus served by Hee Lai Ton Restaurant.

While at that, don’t forget to include the tasty shark fin soup as a special treat for the bride/groom table or your special guests!


6.     Klang Executive Club

If you would like to stick to something common and less hassle, perhaps, choosing a one-stop center that is specifically designed to host corporate and private events would be perfect for you.

Why do I say so? It is because you can find all the necessary amenities in this location; your reception will run smoothly throughout the whole ceremony.

Klang Executive Club is one of the best Chinese wedding venues in Malaysia that I think you should consider.

Location wise, this club is very strategic. Situated near AEON Bukit Raja, it is effortless for your guests to navigate to this place.

Most importantly, the hall is huge, pillar-free (do you how annoying it is to sit in front of a huge pillar?), and gorgeously decorated.

For the meals, you can book catering services or opt to reserve the on-site restaurant, Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant.


7.     Kechara Oasis Vegetarian


I think this Top 12 Chinese Wedding Venues list would not be complete without giving you a vegetarian-friendly option.

If that’s the route you’re going for – reserving a vegetarian restaurant – then you might find the next venue ideal for your reception.

Kechara Oasis Vegetarian can serve fine vegetarian dining cuisine to your wedding guests. By choosing this restaurant, you can invite up to 600 guests and have them sit and mingle around comfortably.

Kechara also allows you to invite special guests and VIPs with its private VIP rooms. Oh, haven’t I mentioned? There’s also a karaoke room for your guests to enjoy (and go crazy) after the formal ceremony!

Some of the previous guests at Kechara have complimented the pleasant ambiance and, of course, its tasty vegetarian meals.


8.     Marco Polo Restaurant

Another best Chinese restaurant that you should check out as the venue of your wedding is Marco Polo Restaurant.

It is a famous restaurant favorited by many people who adore authentic Chinese cuisines.

I love this restaurant because, by reserving a spot at this restaurant, you will be able to pamper your guests with Oriental meals inspired by the original cuisines from several provinces in mainland China!

They provide several wedding menus (in big portions!) at affordable prices. I am sure the uncles and aunties will go home with a big smile on their face after attending your wedding event!


9.     HGH Convention Centre

The next top Chinese wedding venue that I would like to bring your attention to is the grand HGH Convention Centre in Jalan Sentul KL.

If you want to go big and invite hundreds of guests, this is the place to reserve for your larger-than-life ceremony!

Why is it so? HGH Convention Centre can fit 12 banquet tables and 2,000 seats per occasion! There are also red carpet services and spacious VIP rooms for an extra exclusive feel.

As if that’s not enough, the center also provides cutting-edge video and audio system with a fully air-conditioned stage.

What does this mean? No sweating accident for both bride and groom! Click here to check out their special wedding packages and promotions. P.s: I love how you can select Halal menus for your Malay guests.


10. Setia City Convention Center


Are you living in the Setia Alam area and would like to book a grand convention center?

There is no need to look any further. In your vicinity, there is Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC), which I think is the hottest convention center in town!

As you can expect, there is an existing Zen Chinese wedding package that you can pick. Here, you can opt to hold the ceremony in the beautiful outdoor.

The center situates in a natural 240 acres of land with a backdrop of the scenic lake for you to enjoy on your big day.

Since we live in Malaysia and the weather is quite unpredictable as it can shine and rain within 10 minutes, I understand if you prefer to book The Centre itself.

The convention center is environmentally friendly and comes with green technology.

You can house up to 2,000 guests and have the team to decorate the stage per your desired wedding theme.


11. Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

Next, you should consider Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant! It is one of the famous Abalone seafood restaurants in town. Many have applauded their abalone dishes, so you can’t go wrong with this venue.

Plus, there are many wedding menu packages for you to choose. I think the price is not that bad as it starts from RM998 per table. With abalone included in the wedding set, it gives value for your money!

Located in Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL, Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant is ideal for a reception, thanks to its spacious dining space and comfortable round table and chairs.

Now, it might not be as grand as other ballrooms or fine dining restaurants, but I bet you will get that personal and intimate touch with your close family and friends.


12. Restaurant Pik Wah

Premium yet affordable – that is one of the many positive comments given by the previous clients of this next top Chinese wedding venue called Restaurant Pik Wah.

The difference between Restaurant Pik Wah and other restaurants that I have included in this list is that you can enjoy unique Chinese cuisine on your wedding day that you might not able to get in other Chinese restaurants!

Also located in KL, to be exact on Jalan Sultan Ismail right opposite of the Stadium Negara, Restaurant Pik Wah serves rare but high-quality dishes like Steamed Village Chicken, Green Dragon Vegetable, and Lemon Steamed Grouper.

Now, how about the price? It starts as low as RM799 per package – quite a bargain!

Enough of the menu, let’s look at the available space. If you are to hold your wedding reception in this restaurant, you can fit up to 200 guests.

The interior décor is also lovely, and their waiters and waitresses are professional enough to serve on your wedding day!


Outstanding, Intimate Wedding Places for Chinese Wedding in Malaysia

The top 12 locations above are splendid options that you can check out and consider with your future spouse. There are so many great reasons to pick them!

They are spacious, affordable, provides attractive wedding packages, serve tasty meals, and has a professional team at your service!

If this list has triggered you to make the big decision today and you are happy with your choice, don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends on FB, Twitter or other social platforms.

If you know other interesting venues, share with us in the comment box below!


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