How do you get a gift for someone you are about to spend the rest of your days with? Counting down the days where two become one, you mark off each date with a tick. It draws closer and you then realize, days before it happens, you have forgotten to get a gift for your significant other. You hurriedly make a list of things to buy/make. But why stick to the same ol’ boring mugs, cutlery, and photo frames? Jazz up their life with these 28 lovely presents for the bride and groom gift exchange! I made this list because this special occasion has great meaning to me and I hope that it will help you too!


For Her

1.  Start with a little glitter and glam


What’s a girl without her diamonds? In this case, this lovely jewellery set from SeraphineCreations will add a lot of shine to her life. Not only is this handmade, but it also affordable! You will definitely make her eyes sparkle!


2.  Add a dash of perfume


A girl loves nothing more than a fresh scent she can drape all over her body. With this engravable eau de toilette from The Perfume Shop, you can not only have her smelling good, but it will make you smell great as well! ;)


3. Sprinkle the fairy dust

Deviant Art

While not everyone has a sweet tooth, most people can never say no to a beautifully decorated cupcake, just sitting there, inviting you to taste it. With handmade cupcakes from the Sugar & Cream Atelier, you can be guaranteed that your wife will be in heaven!


4. Serve it up with a side of happiness                         

If you don’t want to purchase the sweet goodies outright, you can try this simple chocolate chip cookie recipe that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can put to the task. A real classic that’s sure to delight even the most discerning of tastes! Plus, she gets to lick the batter and let her inner child flourish!


5.  Set it up with some flowers

Stock unlimited

Ah, flowers. Another classic. With the Happy Bunch, showering your love with flowers has never been easier. At RM42, you can pick out a lovingly handcrafted bouquet for your loved one. Their concept is simple, delivering happiness to someone should be as simple as 123.


6. Then DIY the messages


Forget photo frames with messages! Instead, have a message in a bottle! With this tutorial, you need only darken the paper with ground coffee, write your loving message and toss it into the bottle and ta-da! A message destined to withstand the test of time.


7. Following that, toss in some candles

Macintosh HD:Users:Sara:Desktop:Sara:Work:Upwork:Eric Ang:7.png


Candles seem to be a mood setter for everything. Need to propose? Light candles. Need to have nice dinner? Light candles. So obviously, the solution to everyday event woes is, you guessed it: light candles. With candles from Sanctuary by Jasmine Gan, you can be assured of lovely scents and just the right amount of lighting.


8.  Light it up with a bang


While this recipe is meant for kids, any person would stare in wonder as the campfire flame changes colour! If your dearest is an outdoorsy person, she would appreciate you taking the time to cuddle up with her as she marvels at the colours the way she was when she was a child.


9. Finally, finish it up with a kiss


Pucker up, boys! Can Can’s Handmade is here to show you what buying handmade lipsticks are all about. Not only are the shades of lipstick carefully selected for varying skin tones, they are also cruelty-free. Though their selection is limited, you still get a bang for your buck as compared to regular factory cosmetics.


For Him

10. Begin with a heartfelt message

Petals and Postings

Though this has been iterated for the “For Her” section, getting him a simple, heartfelt message would do wonders. He would definitely appreciate this particular piece “Because of You” from Petals and Postings in simple gold foil. Not only is it cost-effective, but it looks great under any furnishing in your brand new house.


11. That will withstand the test of time


Bespoke handmade leather watches in Malaysia do not get any more such than with Malaya Co. With affordable prices and discounts, you can not only give him a timepiece that he will love but also support the growing Malaysian craft industry.


12. Stick on a little extra special somethin’


I bet you that he may not like decorating his room the way you do but giving him stickable messages can work magic. Soon, you will find little nook and crannies plastered with loving messages to you and to himself. Who would not love a game of spot the message?


13.  Make him a prisoner to these


Who doesn’t love a man in a good suit? I sure do. Getting him a set of cufflinks that match his aesthetics and what simpler way to do that than to get ones with his initials!


14. Then get the wood to work


Custom-make him a new desk or even a new shelf! With many woodworkers available on the market today, picking out a nifty solution can be challenging. Regardless, whatever you choose will be a decision you do not regret, so as long as you do your homework.


15. Switch it up with electricity

Men love their gadgets and what better way to surprise him with a gift than to get him a brand-new tablet? Perhaps engrave it with his name/initials? Stick on some decorative items? Or perhaps you can hand make the case (see #27)?


16.  For every person loves a good game


Gamer hubby to be? Simple answer: get him to the game. Or in this case, get the game to him! Purchase pre-loved games or brand-new ones, depending on the device(s) he has.


17. As well as subscriptions


Is he a news reader or a sports fanatic? Doesn’t quite matter! Getting him to the latest of whatever he’s interested in will be a breeze! 


18. That smell of love and tenderness


With cute titles to their products, getting handmade cologne is an otherworldly experience. Make sure your man smells the way you want him to smell – fantastic!


For Both


19.  Begin a scrapbook


Nothing tells a story better than a homemade scrapbook. With these easy to follow instructions, you can make one to suit any budget and any style!


20.  Add a little pizzazz over time


Similar to a scrapbook, a time capsule’s only difference is that it can only be opened after a specific period of time. Fill it with your newlywed memories and then years later, take the trip down memory lane!


21. For even the bards would sing of


You don’t need to Shakespeare to write poetry as your significant other will enjoy what you’ve put through this. Jazz it up with coloured pens, glitter, and stickers!


22. Paintings


A picture of the two of you tells a thousand words when it is made just for you. Commission an artist here to get a wonderful piece of the two of you in just about any setting!


23. And stories gone by


Just use your phone or video camera to capture wonderful moments and stitch them together in a simple video editing software before presenting the video link to your partner.


24.  Immortalised in writing


Have your vows/quotes immortalised in calligraphic writing by TheMakerJess! She does wonderful calligraphy writing for newlyweds. Her store can be found here and her Instagram, here. Why? What marriage is not complete without the array of quotes quipped by bride and groom as well as their unique vows?


25. And in showings


VIP concert tickets would make any fan scream and you can incite just that by purchasing them here for your beloved’s favourite band. Who knows, you might even get a backstage pass/autograph session for free (or more likely, with extra payment)!


26. Stitching together a finale is tough


Or perhaps, learn a little sewing here and learn to stich a little special message on the underside of your beloved’s clothing. They’re sure to be reminded of it every time they put it on if you use contrasting colours so be sure to do that!


27. But encase it with love


Make them a handmade phone case with this tutorial and I guarantee they’ll use it more often than you would like them to but hey, at least they’ll only use it around you (you hope).


28.  And finish it off with some cream ;)


It’s not what you’re thinking; don’t get your hopes up. Organic hand cream from here will leave each other’s touch supple and soft. Depending on whether there are scents, there will be room to spritz in some perfume/cologne. Maybe you can get your hopes up…. ;)

I hope you enjoyed this list of 28 gifts you can get for your significant other. I made this list with the hopes that it would inspire people to get out of the box gifts on the most momentous of occasions. Sure, a lot of occasions are important, but to me, it is when two become one that it perhaps most important of all, regardless of who or what they are.

Have any thoughts/comments? Leave them in the comment box below and if you like it, share it with your friends, family and most importantly, your lover. You’ll be thanking me later. ;)


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