You've completed all your wedding preparations, but are still looking for the best and reliable catering services for your big day? Why don’t you consider one of the best nine caterers in Malaysia that I am going to share with you in this article? Each caterer is a very experienced catering company that serves delicious meals for both bridal sets and guests. I bet you will be satisfied looking at their delicious meals, attractive menu sets, and affordable catering price packages they offer!




1.     Tuk Tuk Catering

Nasi Minyak, Ayam Masak Merah, and Sirap juice? That's an ordinary dish for wedding events, don’t you think? It might turn out to be a tad bit average for you if you're a person who loves something unique.

So, here’s the best wedding catering service company that can you give something special and out of the ordinary: Tuk Tuk Catering Services.

Tuk Tuk can prepare Thai food for your wedding party! Operating from Seri Setia from Petaling Jaya, this caterer is ideal if you live nearby.

Source: Tuk Tuk Catering FB

To order, you can choose a set of meals based on the number of guests who will be at your wedding ceremony (price per pax).


Among the Thai food that I recommend you to choose (because it's superbly delicious!) are Thai tom yam, butter prawns, chicken satay, pandan chicken, and som tam salad.

In addition to the Thai dishes, there are other sets of meals for your wedding party offered by Tuk Tuk.

For example, they also serve local dishes and Western foods such as lamb chop and oyster. I think it will be ideal for your English-themed or contemporary wedding event. Most importantly, the meals from Tuk Tuk Catering are Halal!


2.     Pink Shallots

If you live in Kuala Lumpur, Pink Shallots is one of the 8 best caterers in Malaysia that you should choose. This wedding catering company operates in Jalan Kampung Pandan, KL.


Many customers have given positive comments on the quality of food, cleanliness, meal rate for each guest (it will not break your bank account; you do not have to worry!), and the overall quality of the service.

If you choose Pink Shallots to be your wedding caterer, you will be given six choices of Malay wedding menu packages.

This way, you will have no headaches, having to think about what dishes to serve to your guests – the caterer will prepare it for you! You only have to choose the set that suits your taste.

Source: Pink Shallots FB

For example, Package 1 provides biryani rice, Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Masak Hitam, fried mixed vegetables, Acar Timun, Papadom, orange fruit, Teh Tarik, and the famous Bubur Cha Cha! This set looks interesting and delicious, right?

Source: Pink Shallots FB

You can get the price quote after making your set choice. Pink Shallots will then give you a quote on the price based on the order you’ve done.


3.     Citarasa Uniq Catering Services

Also situated in KL, here’s another top catering caterer in Malaysia for you to consider, Citarasa Uniq Catering Services, also known as UNIQ.

Source: Citarasa Uniq Catering FB

This top caterer serves clients from all over Klang Valley. If you are living in the vicinity, you will be satisfied with their excellent services and delicious menus.

Speaking of the menu, for the main set, you can pick based one of the available packages provided by Citarasa Uniq. Some of the previous clients also recommended their favorite meal, Lodeh!


For example, if you pick menu 1, you will get a combo of white rice, spiced fried chicken, Daging Masak Hitam, mixed veggies, dan Tempe sambal.

So, how about the price? Believe it or not, it is very affordable – only RM55 per pax for a minimum of 1000 guests!


4.     Zemi Catering

For those who hail from Seremban or nearby area, Zemi Catering is one of the top 9 caterers in Malaysia. The company is all ready to serve you a professional catering service on your wedding day!

Headquartered in Lavender Heights Seremban, Zemi Catering has years of experience serving affordable and finger-licking wedding menus to its clients.

Source: Zemi Catering FB

One of the best sets preferred by many of its clients is, of course, it’s authentic Negeri Sembilan cooking like Ikan Keli Masak Lemak Cili Api. Plus, Zemi Catering is also famous for their Ayam Golek and sweet, sour fish.

Source: Zemi Catering FB

As for the price, it will be charged per head. So, the total cost of their catering service will depend on your number of guests.

As an added value, Zemi Catering also provides canopy service, which makes your job of choosing canopy or tent for your event much easier!


5.     Yapaf Kulaan Catering

Located in Selayang, Selangor, Yapaf Kulaan Catering is another great caterer option for you. It is a wedding event planning company that provides not only all the necessary appliances for your ceremony like a canopy, pelamin, makeup, and stylists but also reasonably priced catering service.

Source: Yapaf Kulaan Catering FB

Operated since 1996 (more than 20 years of experience now!), Yapaf is a reliable and professional caterer. So, you do not have to worry about bad services on your wedding day!

Menu-wise, there are plenty of options for you to pick. In their special wedding package, they serve dishes like butter/biryani rice, Daging Rendang, Dalca, and several other desserts (ABC, cendol, porridge, etc.).


The budget package comes with a price as low as RM13 per guest and up to RM30 per pax. Their specialty? Kambing Golek! If you have an extra budget, I recommend you to choose this particular cuisine!


6.     Le Oriental Catering

With more than 35 years of experience under their belt, Le Oriental Catering has got to be one of the best caterers in Malaysia. They are famous for their excellent waiter services and tasty wedding menus.


The company is in Klang Selangor, so if you are living nearby, you will experience easy commute while collaborating with this top caterer.

For their wedding menu, you can pick several choices like BBQ, Chinese buffet or Rasa Malaysia for your nuptial event.


Butter broccoli, lamb chop, roast stuffing chicken, and prawn skewers are their well-known meals chosen by many clients.

The price rates vary as it goes from RM38 to RM50 per head. Quite affordable, don’t you think?


7.     Kagumas Catering & Event

You can find the next top caterer in Malaysia in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, called Kagumas Catering & Event. Why should you choose this caterer? It is an established company that owns a culinary academy!

Source: Kagumas FB

Not many caterers run their cooking academy, but Kagumas does. So, you can expect nothing but professional service and delicious dishes for your wedding party.

One of the best things about Kagumas is their expertise in organizing catering for garden themed menu.

Source: Kagumas FB

In their unique package, you will get not only the tasty meals, but also other complementary items like wedding hall reservation, red carpet, archway, tables, kompang music band, and pelamin. Their menu includes biryani rice, Ayam Masak Merah, veggie Dalca, and Ayam Golek.


8.     Risda Catering & Event

When it comes to serving VIPS and organizing grand events, Risda Catering & Event is one of the pros! The company often provides services to ministers, corporates companies, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals like you!


Risda Catering & Event is based in Ampang, and it is a subsidiary company of RISDA Malaysia. They are known to serve catering to clients in KL and nearby areas.

Many previous customers have expressed their satisfactions with the quality of service provided by Risda. So, if you choose this caterer, you might also experience similar, if not better, experience!

Source: Risda Catering FB

For your wedding party, you can choose one of the many menus that they provide. Some of the famous dishes are curry mee, Biryani rice, Ayam Masak Merah, mixed veggies, and much more. It is up to you (and your budget) to choose!

Their most famous dish? Rendang Tok and Apam Balik. You have got to try these! As for the price rate, it is in accordance to your total of guests and the menu that you choose.


Pick one of the top 8 caterers I recommend above; you will not regret it!

So, there you go! The top 8 caterers in Malaysia for you to choose to enjoy a seamless and smooth wedding experience. Pick one of these best wedding catering companies in the nation, and I am sure they will be able to entertain your requests and needs!

They offer professional services at a bargained price. Most importantly, the quality of the food and service will make your guests go home with a big smile on their face!


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