One of the most fun things about preparing for a grand wedding ceremony is making the wedding door gifts! We can go crazy with it by doing something that is unique and creative. Are you currently searching for wedding door gift ideas and supplier in Malaysia? You are at a right place as I am about to share with you the top 15 ideas that you can try! Not only will I share with you the top wedding gifts, but I will also give you some of the best supplier options in Malaysia.


1.     Velvety Yassin Mini Booklet

1.	Velvety Yassin Mini Booklet


The first door gift idea that I think ideal for you to try is the velvet-covered Yassin booklet. This kind of wedding door gifts is perfect for you if you are planning to have a Malay and Islamic concept wedding ceremony. Plus, it looks beautiful and expensive. You can put it in your goodie bag, and you are ready to go! As an additional tip, try to consider a vendor that can toss some free accessories like beads and mini dates or raisins.


2.     Premium Chocolate Bar

Premium Chocolate Bar











One of the cool wedding door gift ideas that you can try is the premium chocolate bar. For this door gift idea, the size of the bar is slightly bigger than normal. It gives your goodie bag a more exclusive feel. Some vendors allow you to choose the flavor, shapes, and labels. It is up to your creativity to choose them. The price is also reasonable these days. I bet it will fit well into your modest budget.


3.     Rustic Candy Mini Pouch

3.	Rustic Candy Mini Pouch

Source: Gentilezza FB

It has become a custom for Malay weddings to include foods, drinks, and candies in their goodies bags. If that is what you are planning to do but are looking for the perfect holders for the snacks, here is another top wedding doorgift idea for you – a rustic looking candy mini pouch. It is not the typical paper-based bags, but rather it uses pine or straw bag. Some even come with a customized tag so you can include your names and ceremony details! It’s creative and beautiful!


4.     Homemade Dodol in a Jar

Homemade Dodol in a Jar


Back when I had my wedding, I wish I had included this door gift for wedding idea – a homemade dodol in a jar goodies! If you love this Malay wedding door gift item, all you need to do is to purchase a bunch of mason jars. You can easily get it from any bakery and home accessories shops. You can either prepare the dodol yourself. To make your job easier, you can also find a vendor that provides such services. To give it a finishing touch, add beautiful ribbons and labels.


5.     Vintage Floral Box

Vintage Floral Box


Another door gift simple idea that you might want to consider for your traditional Malay wedding is a vintage floral box. It serves tons of purpose to your wedding guests because they can put many small things inside it. Scarf pins, rings, and other jewelry are some of the examples. Plus, this vintage floral box, which made of ceramic, will look exceptionally lovely on their make-up desk!


6.     Mini Figurines in Custom Chinese Traditional Clothes

Mini Figurines in Custom Chinese Traditional Clothes


For a fun Chinese wedding theme, I am recommending you to include the following door gift wedding idea, which is a mini figurine of the bride and groom. The cool thing about this gift is that you can create a mini replica that resembles you and your future hubby! So, your special guests who receive this wedding doorgift can put it on their book shelves or TV cabinets and remember you every time they see it!


7.     Beach Theme Sandals Gift

Beach Theme Sandals Gift


What is the best Chinese wedding door gift for ceremonies that will be organized by the beach? Here’s an idea for you: How about you give your guests a beautiful and laid-back beach themed sandals or flip flops? They are practical and does not cost a fortune too! It will look great in the goodie baskets, and your guests can continue wearing them after the event.


8.     Longevity Chopsticks Door Gifts

Longevity Chopsticks Door Gifts


When it comes to including a cutlery into a wedding goodie bags, you can’t go wrong with chopsticks! It is a perfect item to add to the set, besides than the conventional spoons and forks. To make it suit well to your Chinese red-colored theme, try to select a vendor that can customize the color of the pouch. For example, this traditional Korean stainless steel chopsticks that come with a beautiful pink mini bag from Wedding Karren!


9.     Mini Succulents Pot for Garden Theme Wedding

Mini Succulents Pot for Garden Theme Wedding


I simply love this door gift simple and unique idea – a mini succulent pot for your wedding guests! They are cute and such a big attention getter on your door gift tables. You can easily purchase them in bulk at the nearest nursery. But just keep in mind that you might have to make the preorder a few months earlier. Once received, you can tie the pot with colorful ribbons and personalized tags. It is perfect for your garden wedding!


10. Modern Bamboo Hand Fans

Modern Bamboo Hand Fans


Another practical door gift ideas for wedding that is perfect for your Chinese ceremony is a modern and pastel-colored bamboo hand fans. They usually come with beautiful and ornate decorations. Most importantly, the price, when purchased in bulk, is very affordable. For example, this floral bamboo hand fans from Something Special to You only costs RM1.40 per piece when bought in high volume!


11. Decorated Scented Candles

Decorated Scented Candles


Of course, this list of wedding door gift ideas and supplier will not be complete without a gift item that is relevant to the Indian themed wedding event. Here is the top Indian wedding door gift in Malaysia idea for you to consider – a scented candle! Choose a decoration that displays traditional patterns so that it suits well to the theme of your ceremony. Today, there are many vendors out there that provide scented candles of any flavors at reasonable prices. You just need to find the right one!


12. Hershey’s Kisses Candy Goodies

Hershey’s Kisses Candy Goodies


For a more contemporary Indian theme wedding, perhaps you might love this next top wedding door gift Malaysia – Hershey’s Kisses Candy Goodies. This Hershey’s candies is a symbol of love. By giving this wedding goodie to your guests, they might be able to relate to the day when you are about to celebrate the love between you and your groom! For the packaging, you can select simple wrappers and put one or two of these kisses chocolates on a spoon or in a small tin box.


13. Traditional Oil Lamps

Traditional Oil Lamps


Are you planning a traditional Indian wedding soon? The traditional oil lamps, or agal vilakku, might be an excellent candidate for your wedding goodies bags! To make it more personal, perhaps you can decorate by making it more colorful – make it bright and cheerful. Plus, you can also write your names and ceremony dates so that your guests will always remember your big wedding day!


14. Colorful Elephant Keychains

Colorful Elephant Keychains


Besides adults, kids are also the wedding guests that you should celebrate. Now, for them, how about you consider this doorgift Malaysia idea as your wedding door gift item? A colorful set of elephant keychains. According to the Indian traditions, elephants represents tenacity, strength, and honor. I think it is going to be very meaningful if you could implement the symbols into your wedding goodies bags!


15. Mini Henna Wedding Favors

Mini Henna Wedding Favors


Mini henna packets can also make a great gift item for your wedding! I think it is a door gift simple and suitable for you if you are thinking of having a feminine party. Your girlfriends will love getting this kind of wedding doorgift. Plus, it suited nicely with your modern and laid back Indian theme ceremony! For item decorations, you can wrap the henna in a beautiful craft paper and tie a small ribbon that matches with your theme colors. It is easy and pretty!


Top 10 Wedding Door Gift Supplier in Malaysia

Now, having all these ideas but without a suggestion of top wedding door gift suppliers in Malaysia will leave you in vain, I know! So, I am here to make your decision-making process easier. How? Consider the top 10 wedding door gift supplier that I provide below and enjoy competitive pricing options as well as beautiful wedding door gift items in your goodies bags!


1.     My Bulk Print      

My Bulk Print


My Bulk Print is an established gift manufacturer in Malaysia that you can consider for your door gift idea. They specialize in printing and customizing all sorts of small merchandises.

So, if you are thinking of including a personalized mug, cute button badge, or t-shirts (for your bridesmaids or tray boys, perhaps?), you can rely on this company to deliver quality and professional services!

How to contact this Klang-based wedding gift supplier, you ask? Below is their business information.


2.     Wedding Karren

Wedding Karren


Trying to find a professional wedding door gift vendor for your big event? I recommend you to consider Wedding Karren. This company provides high-quality and beautiful door gift items at reasonable prices.

Their wedding favors items are trendy and relevant to just about any themes. For example, there are traditional Asian items for Malay, Chinese and Indian weddings. Plus, cool merchandises like bookmarks, card holders, and honey jars are perfect for contemporary wedding events.

Their shop is located in the Jalil Link area in KL. So if you are living in the vicinity, feel free to drop by their shops and have a look at the premium choices that they offer there!


3.     Gentilezza Enterprise

3.	Gentilezza Enterprise

Source: Gentilezza FB

Another top vendor that provides the best wedding door gift Malaysia for you to consider is Gentilezza Enterprise. Their expertise includes customizing your selected door gift wedding items and personalizing the merchandise to your event themes.

Some of their products that have been chosen by many brides and grooms are hot cocoa in jars, rustic mini pouch, bookmarks, salt and pepper shakes, and popcorns in mini bottles.

Their services are professional, on time and affordable. If you are based in the Bandar Sri Damansara area, then this wedding gift supplier is suitable for you!


4.     Mine Alesi

Mine Alesi


Mine Alesi is one of the best and experienced gift providers in Malaysia. They specialize in custom made figurines and wedding gifts.

Some of their trademark products are mini replicas, frames, personalized mugs, printed pillows, and photo fractals.

By selecting this top wedding door gift supplier, you will not only be able to fill your goodie bags with the best items but also custom order other cool stuff for your weddings like t-shirts, photos, and canvas prints!

If you are looking to create a beautiful custom doll for yourself or a few selected wedding guests, I highly recommend you to consider Mine Alesi. They are mainly based in Petaling Jaya, so if you live nearby, they are a perfect vendor for you.

  • Name: Mine Alesi Sdn Bhd
  • Contact Number: 6012.664.2688
  • Email: N/A
  • Official Website:


5.     Something Special to You

Something Special to You


Also based in PJ, Something Special to You is another top supplier in Malaysia that you can pick as your reliable vendor. They have the passion and dedication that you need in a wedding gift company.

They specialize in providing wedding door gift items for Chinese weddings as well as other relevant themes. Some of their top products that I think you will love are colorful packaging boxes, keychains, customized hand fans, and manicure sets.

The packages for their top items are very reasonable – the more you order, the lower the price per piece! Plus, when you choose the items, they also come with unique tags and labels, which make your job way easier!

  • Name: SS2U Wedding
  • Contact Number: 603.7865.0922 / 6012.396.5303
  • Email:
  • Official Website:


6.     LegasiKL Popcorn Doorgift

LegasiKL Popcorn Doorgift


For simple wedding ceremonies or post-ceremony parties, you should consider having a supply of mini popcorns. If you are thinking of including this snacks into your goodies bags, then perhaps this next top supplier is the one you are searching for – LegasiKL Popcorn Doorgift.

As the name implies, that’s what they specialize in – providing fresh, tasty, and cheap popcorns for weddings and parties.

Their popcorn comes in butter flavors and each package in neatly packed in plastic wrappings. If you live in Ampang area, you can opt for their free COD service!

  • Name: LegasiKL Enterprise
  • Contact Number: 6019.789.4993
  • Email: N/A
  • Official Website:

7.     Ameryllis Nature Soap

Ameryllis Nature Soap


If you are looking for a supplier that can provide mini and aromatic homemade soaps for your wedding door gift, then you should go to none other except Ameryllis Nature Soap.

Making high-quality, safe and well-scented soaps is their ultimate forte. The cool thing about their service is that the price is highly competitive.

Wondering what are some of the items that you can find on their shelves? The product options are marine collagen soaps, organic soap bars, and specialized wedding soap gifts.

For some of the items, you can purchase it by weight (kg). So, the more you order, the lower the price you will get.

The company is based in Cheras, so it is a perfect supplier to contact and get services from if you live in the KL area.


8.     Kay Gifts

Kay Gifts

Source: Kay Gifts FB

Let’s say your primary plan for your Malay wedding door gift is food based; then Kay Gifts can give you great snack options at irresistible price tags!

Located in Seri Kembangan, the company provides the ultimate food wedding gift items for its clients.

For your information, they have been one of the sponsors for many Malaysia celebrities wedding. Hafiz Hamidun, Shuib Sepahtu, and Amar Bahrain are some of their celebrity clients!

I suggest you consider their top products that include chocolate chip cookies, personalized chocolate bars, and mini chocolate nuggets.


9.     Renown Gift

Renown Gift


Renown Gift is one of my favorite wedding gift suppliers in Malaysia! They offer beautiful and well-crafted goodies items that can suit well to just about any wedding themes.

Most of their products are the latest trendy items that many brides and grooms have chosen for their events. They do not only provide services to individuals, like you and me, but also to top corporates such as Maybank, Astro, and The Everly Putrajaya!

With such high-profile clients under their belts, you can rest assured that this KL-based supplier will provide a professional and reliable wedding door gift services to you!

  • Name: Renown Gift Sdn Bhd
  • Contact Number: 603.4131.9731
  • Email:
  • Official Website:


10.  Ajiemy Art Souvenir

Ajiemy Art Souvenir


Lastly, here is the next wedding door gift supplier in Malaysia that I think worthy to be considered – Ajiemy Art Souvenir. This company is a customized gift vendor that can serve your needs of personalized frames, shirts, or gift bottles.

When it comes to choosing a provider that can provide mini glass bottles with tasty snacks, Ajiemy Art should be on your top list. Besides that, they also provide hand soap gift options to their clients.

One of the cool things about this company is that they promote personalization and customization so that you can make your wedding ceremony memorable and personal!

  • Name: Ajiemy Art


Consider the Best Door Gift Ideas for Wedding I Suggested Above!

So, there you go! The top 15 wedding door gift ideas and supplier in Malaysia. I hope you find this door gift idea list beneficial and helpful in your quest of finding the top wedding doorgift and vendors. Give them a thought and make your well-informed decision today.

If you think your friends will find this list informative and beneficial too, feel free to share it with them on your social sites like FB, Twitter or IG. Also, if you would like to share your opinions with us, we would love to hear from you!


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