Are you one of those brides who are nervous about your wedding day? No worries! One of the best ways to ease the cold feet is by hosting a bridal shower or a bachelorette party. Now, you might wonder, what is the difference between bridal shower and bachelorette party? Read on as we are about to explain things you need to know about these two pre-wedding parties.

Bridal Shower Explained


A bridal shower is one of the many pre-wedding ceremonies held specially for the bride about six months before the wedding. So, what’s a bridal shower? Well, it is a party organized by the maid of honor and attended by the bride’s close friends and the ladies in her family (e.g. mother, sisters, cousins, etc.)

The purpose of bridal showers is mainly to give a chance to the future wife to be pampered by her friends before being ‘snatched away’ by the future husband.


It is a small, private party in which these girls would shower the bride with wedding gifts. The gifts will be opened during the ceremony and food and nourishments are served.

Tips on How to Organize Bridal Shower

Planning for a bridal shower but do not know how to start? Here are some tips on how to organize a fun and memorable bridal shower!

  1. Decide the place – Traditionally, the house of the bride is the venue of the bridal shower. However, in the recent years, it is more convenient to just book a place like a hotel, restaurant, club house, or café and do the event there. For example, check out this Youtube video below by Mimie and the gang at InterContinental KL.




  1. Know your budget – The grandeur of the party depends on the budget of the bride. You can splurge by hiring a professional event planner if you have a fat budget. Even if you don’t, you can always DIY (do-it-yourself). You can purchase ribbons, balloons, hats, banners and other party accessories at any thrift stores. For food, you can either cook, do a potluck or order pizza/food catering.
  2. Extend the invitation early – Decide who will attend the party and make sure you send out the invitation card early. The last thing you want is an empty and boring party!
  3. Plan Extra Activities – Besides gift opening by the future bride, you should also do other games or activities to brighten up the party. Check out the tips below on activities for bridal showers.

Games or Activities You Can Do during A Bridal Shower

  • Card Changing – Inform your party attendees to write special wedding wishes for the bride and take turns to read them out loud.


  • Bride in a Hot Seat Game – Prepare dating questions and seek answers from her fiancé. Ask the bride these questions during this quiz session. The bride gets a point if she gives the same answer given by the fiancé.
    • Example of questions: “Where do you guys first met?”, “Who asked the wedding question first?”, “What is your groom’s favorite food?”


  • Cake Tasting Game – Blindfold the girls, let them taste a bite-sized cake and ask them to tell the flavor of the cake.
  • Gift Guessing Game – Have all the girls to give lingerie as a gift, hang it in the room, and ask the bride to guess whom each lingerie is from.

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Bachelorette Party Explained

So, what is a bachelorette party? Let us break down the bachelorette party definition. It is a party where the bride-to-be enjoys her times with her close female friends. Unlike bridal showers, bachelorette parties are more laid-back and less formal. It is the main difference in the battle of bridal shower vs bachelorette.

The purpose of the party is to allow the bride to truly enjoy her last moment as a single lady with her close friends. It defines the bachelorette party meaning. It can either be a night-out event in town or a holiday trip to another state or country.

It can be hosted by the bridesmaid or the bride-to-be herself. When to organize this party? About a few weeks before the wedding. The groom also has its similar party called bachelor party and usually attended by his close male friends.

Tips on How to Organize Bachelorette Party


  1. Set the theme – Before organizing the party, make sure you ask the bride what she wants or where she wants the party to be held. Make it a beach party if she wants to go an island or make it a cocktail and karaoke party if she wants to enjoy herself in town.
  2. Create the guest list – Decide who will join the bachelorette gateway. Make sure you invite her favorite friends. It is rare for a family member to join it.
  3. Make the reservation early – If you plan to book a place, make sure you do it early to avoid disappointment.
  4. Buy party accessories – Some of the must haves include tiaras, candies, jewelry, and crafty decorations.
  5. Share itinerary – If you are going out of town, make sure the other girls know the schedule and the whole planning.


  1. Order customized shirts – Design customized shirts/blouses/dresses for each one of girls with a cool saying or bright girly printing.
  2. Bring a photographer – By tagging a photographer along, you can capture the moments with all the girls – without having to take turns to take pictures!

Games or Activities You Can Do during Bachelorette Party

If you need some activities to spice up the party, here are some suggestions:

  • Song Guess Game – Pick some of the bride’s favorite songs, play it, and let the girls guess the singer and the name of the song.
  • Best Dress Competition – During the official night out, ask the girls to wear their best dress that suits the theme and let the bride choose the best-dressed girl!


  • Scavenger Hunt – Put photos of the bride with her best friends somewhere, assign the girls into groups and ask them to hunt them – while piggy-back riding!
  • Dress the Bride Game – Break the girls into two groups and each one takes turns to dress up the bride. Let the bride choose her favorite dress.
  • Guess the Kisses – Ask the girls to put on a lipstick and leave a huge kiss on a white canvas. Let the bride guess who kisses which.
  • Find A Random Stranger and Do Activities Together – Get inspirations from this fun bachelorette party games Youtube video below by Hen Party: Tasha’s Getting Married.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: How Long are Both Parties Usually Held?
    • A: Bridal showers can last for a few hours, but really, it depends on the number of guests. If you are the famous girl in town, you might need a day or two to host this party, either in your hometown or another place (girl’s trip). Same goes with the bachelorette party.
  • Q: Can the Groom Attend these Parties?
    • A: These two parties are girl-only parties, so the invitation does not go out to the groom. But sometimes, the groom does show up for a minute or two to greet the bride’s friends.


  • Q: So, how wild can you go during these parties?
    • A: Well, for the bridal shower, not that ‘wild’! Before you get all disappointed, here’s good news for you: you can go all crazy during your bachelorette party. It is a bride bachelorette party after all – it is all hers to enjoy!
  • Q: How Different are Both Parties from An Engagement Party?
    • A: Bridal shower and the bachelorette party are the responsibility of the bridesmaid/bride. However, there is another party: wedding shower vs bridal shower. A wedding shower is like an engagement party. The one who is responsible for organizing this kind of party is your parents – planned and held at your parent’s house.

Bottom-line – The Differences Between Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Are…

When it comes to the battle of bridal shower vs bachelorette party, here are the breakdowns:

  • The biggest difference between bridal shower and bachelorette party is bridal shower is more formal whereas bachelorette party is more fun
  • Bridal shower is done earlier whereas bachelorette party is held nearer the wedding date
  • Bridal shower is attended by friends and female family members whereas the bachelorette party is mainly for close friends
  • Bridal shower is typically done at the bride’s home whereas bachelorette party is held somewhere else (in or out of town)


Yes, weddings can be very exciting and, let’s be honest here, quite nerve wrecking for both bride and groom-to-be. It is especially true if the big day is drawing near. So, why don’t you go ahead and ask for the favor of your bridesmaid to host these two pre-wedding events? You will find the last-minute journey towards your wedding day to be more fun and relaxing!


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