ASK Wedding is a private limited company incorporated in 2016. We are the first review-based online wedding platform in Malaysia. Our founders have been in the wedding industry for more than 8 years. Carmen and Michael, the brainchild of were fascinated by how digital innovation and technology can transform a whole industry. Almost every industry has been (or will be) impacted by new technology and our founders foresee that the wedding industry is no exception.

The wedding industry is a great example of an industry in transition, spurred on by digital innovation. Some of the market is stuck in the past with the traditional ways of doing things, while a significant portion of the market has embraced new platforms and technologies. We at ASK Wedding will be doing our best to push technology to new heights, as we imagine a future where most customers completely embrace digital. will be the central location for every bride and groom to find wedding professionals, reviews and pricing to make the planning process and vendor search as simple as possible. We strive to provide all the information and resources you need for your perfect wedding.

Change tends to come in small increments, and it’s hard to really say what the future holds. But while some people imagine hover boards and robots, we envision technology that we have today being easier to use and more accessible. The future of the wedding industry will be a version of today, but better.

We are a team of genuine people and we work hard to create solutions for brides and give advice.

The future is in the palm of our hands – literally! With phones and tablets on hands of every bride, we’ve designed our entire site to be mobile-friendly, so no matter what device our brides are using we’ve made sure the experience is great. Wedding Suppliers like yourself face tough competition in the beauty stakes, which is why we’re ready to help you make your profile page and business get noticed in all the right ways. But looking good is only half the package, we’re smart about how brides use We know brides don’t love us just because we’re pretty; we’re easy to get along with too!

All this wonderful stuff we do for our brides is hard work: work you don’t have to do because we’ve done it for you. We’ve rounded up Malaysia's brides on one (awesome) website and give you the right market that’s ready to target, saving you from the hard work. 

We aim to become the leading listing and review site with collections of the best wedding businesses in Malaysia. By being part of the largest collection of wedding suppliers from all over Malaysia, your business is presented to the thousands of new brides who log on to

With real brides' reviews and experiences, ASK Wedding Network aims to bring in over 500,000 unique monthly visitors across the website, iPhone, iPad and Apple/Android* apps (coming soon), and social media channels. You’ll see us on many online marketing platforms and through traditional advertising media, all to make it easy for brides to find your door.